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Canvas For Painting: Two Best Types Of Paint

A blank canvas is something where you can draw your soul in it. So, if your canvas for painting is ready, it is time to create your very own masterpiece but the question is what kind of paint you need to use. You may get to see rows of gorgeous looking paints and pigments that will stir your imagination wild. It might even prompt you to buy everything you need. However, you need to keep in mind that that is only a handful of certain paints that works well on canvas. Here are two best types of paints that work well on canvas for painting and we are going to review them both here.

  1. Acrylic paints – It is hardly a surprise why acrylic paint is considered to be one of the most popular mediums to work on a canvas. It is very easy to work with and also dries quickly. Apart from that, all you need to go ahead with your painting is a palette knife, brush and a primed canvas.

You will see rather thick or thin varieties when it comes to the acrylic paints aisle. Sometimes called “heavy body”, the thicker type tends to work the best for your canvas for painting. In case you are using the thinner kind which is also known as “fluid acrylic”, you will need a lot more paint to build up and create an opaque layer. Also, the fluid tends to drip downward if you are painting on a weasel.

  1. Oil paints – If there is a match made in heaven then it is canvas and oil paints. Oil paints give out a thick, viscous texture that is necessary for a heavy duty surface to rest on, something that won’t be degraded by oil. A primed canvas can deliver that. You can select between the traditional oil paint or the water soluble kind canvas for painting.

Whatever it is, you are always encouraged to use a palette knife or a brush to apply the paint similar to the way you would with acrylic paints. At the same time, you can even skip the tools and use oil pigment bars that are very much like oil pastels.

Other paints that you can lean on to but that are not as favored as the two above are gouache paint, tempera colors and latex paint. The one type of paint that you need to avoid putting on a canvas is water color. Water colors make stunning paintings.

However, if you are going to use it on your canvas for painting, think about it once again as it dries irregularly and tend to form beads on primed canvas. So you need to select the best paints for you canvas. The right ones will bring glory to your painting while the wrong ones will simply ruin your art work or fade in due time.  However you can also buy ready to hang canvas prints  or good quality glass prints direct from factory.

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