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How A New Roof Increases Your Home’s Value

Homeowners seeking ways to increase their home’s value have a multitude of choices available. One of the more impactful among them is adding a new roof to the home, even though it’s all too often overlooked in favor of other renovation projects that might be considered less expensive.

The fact is adding a new roof to the home can result in an increase in value of around $15,000, according to recent surveys. Your roof is a major contributor to the overall curb appeal of your home and when it looks brand new and provides the many benefits that come along with this type of improvement project, your home immediately becomes more attractive to buyers.

So how does a new roof increase your home’s value? You may be surprised at all of the advantages you can enjoy through this type of remodeling endeavor.

Energy Efficiency

Every home needs one because of all the basic functions that it serves. For starters, a good roof over your head protects you and your belongings from the elements outdoors. But let’s not forget how valuable it can be in keeping your home well insulated and ensuring that it remains energy efficient.

That is becoming increasingly more important in today’s changing environment as the winters are becoming much colder and the summers hotter than in previous years. You are likely going to become more reliant on climate controlled air to keep your home comfortable. That means potentially higher energy costs as you run your air conditioner and heating units to maintain a reasonable indoor temperature.

When your roof is old, damaged, cracked, or otherwise compromised in a manner which allows your costly climate controlled air to escape the confines of your home’s interior, you are literally throwing money out the window. But a new roof from KTM Roofing can help lower your monthly utility bills by keeping your cool and warm indoors, where it belongs and does the most good.

Potential buyers who know they are contemplating the purchase of a home with a new roof attached can rest assured they won’t be left paying sky-high electric and heating bills after they’ve bought the home. Armed with this knowledge, they will be more likely to pay your asking price or higher.

Improved Curb Appeal

Appearances are indeed everything when it comes to buying a new home. Sure, it also matters what’s on the inside, but if you walk up to any home and the roof is obviously in dire need of repairs most potential buyers may not stick around long enough to see the interior.

The cost of repairing or replacing the roof on a home makes home buyers very uneasy because they know they’ll just have to spend even more money on top of the considerable investment being made on the home in the first place.

When you replace the roof on your home you are making your potential buyers feel confident that their new home won’t be a major fixer-upper and give your home a competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace of homes for sale.

What Buyers Want

No two buyers are alike. Everyone has those particular preferences that make them unique from one another and, when it comes to finding the right home, those differences can be quite significant. However, a recent survey was conducted in which buyers were asked what they considered the most appealing improvement projects on homes for sale.

The clear winner was a new roof, followed closely by new windows, new siding, and a new garage door. Simply put, installing a new roof on your home won’t just increase the value but raise the curiosity of buyers who are searching for the ideal purchase.

A roof replacement project can make your home even more appealing to buyers through the careful selection of materials to make your home that much more noticeable. Roofing options have grown exponentially over the past decade to the point where you can improve the look and feel of the home by simply choosing the right type of roof.

Your choices will help to improve energy efficiency but also make sure that your roof can be eco-friendly and long-lasting based on the type of weather conditions that are inherent to the region in which you live.

Lower Maintenance Expenses

New roofs mean less costs for the new buyers. When you replace the roof on your home, the cost of routine maintenance is dramatically reduced meaning there is an increased value in the home for your new buyers. If the roof only needs a routine inspection and annual clearing of debris each year, that can make your potential buyers eager to purchase a home that is in excellent condition.


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