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Best Home painting technique

Home is a desired place to everyone for passing free time with family. Most of the people want to decorate their home with colorful design. For designing a better home, the owners should follow some techniques that help unique customized design with color combinations. Firstly, I suggest for home painting a simple tool that makes your wall an awesome zig zag design. Find a stick and old cloth. Tightly tie the twisted cloth around the stick. The length of the rolled cloth over the stick should not cross more than 1feet to 1.5 feet. Then the stick painting tool is submerged with paint and rolled over the wall. A customized zig zag design is created from the twisted cloth.

The second technique is a little different from the first technique. Make some twisted cloth about 1cm diameter and 1.5 feet long. Take seven to ten pieces of twisted cloth which should be in the same size and the same diameter. Tie one point tightly in the stick. When the twisted cloth is submerged with paint color, another point of the stick is held by hand and paint to the wall by twisted cloths. This hit must not be over forced and does not take that much paint color.

This design looks like twisted hair. A group of design is applied to one portion of the wall. On the other portion of the wall do the same things but use different paint color and shade. But the background paint color depends on homeowner’s choice. However, most of the time white paint color is used for background paint color. But purple is pretty good background paint color and white, light yellow or ash colors are pretty good for designing. If white background is used, then the designing color must be changed by color combination. If it is possible, install some variant color lamp for a more attractive design.

The third technique uses tiny leaves for painting. Tiny leaves can be used for customized painting tool for home painting. Take a branch of tiny leaves (not so tiny) and submerged it with paint. Then paint the wall with these leaves, do not apply too much pressure when painting the wall. If so much pressure is applied, all the leaves will fall from the branch. Generally, this painting tool is used two or three times. After using two or three times, this tool is totally damaged. To make this designing tool, it doesn’t requie that much largr or tiny leaves. Always use moderate sized leaves.

However, it is more important to learn some basic knowledge before designing. Paint should not be dry. Use some ingredient with paint that helps not to dry so quickly. Do not leave the can half empty. If some paint remains in the can, place some plastic wrap under the lid. Use some water-based primer for hiding imperfections and uneven surface when painting a new dry wall. But in the water dammed wall or smoke saturated wall use oil-based primer. This will help create a better design and give also some basic knowledge before applying paint. For more technique, please visit Christo Industries.  Learn here about unique designs and color combination systems.


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