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Dwellza Kitchen Airtight Food Storage Containers With Lids – Best of all

Getting a love/hate relationship with food storage containers is straightforward. They can feel cheap and flimsy, it is always difficult to locate the lids, and the sets can feel like they are taking up a whole cabinet. But all the difference is a decent food storage container: you can neatly eat prepped servings, take leftovers to work for lunch, reheat, and even serve some of the food. There should be an airtight lock in a decent storage container, and much better if it’s leakproof for food such as soup. We prefer those that can be packed quickly and stacked with no chance of falling on top of each other.

We measure food storage containers for air-tightness, leak-proof capacity, and staining at the Good Housekeeping Institute. If they are built to do so we are also checking how they hold up in the fridge, refrigerator, and dishwasher. Although we have not checked any of the containers below in our laboratory, we have used them all and they have stood up to the much broader test of time and real-life use. A number of plastic, glass, and silicone bags designed to replace discarded baggies are our favourite choices, below.

Airtight containers provide us a simple means of storing food and arranging the kitchen. They also prove to be beneficial without causing a mess if you try to refrigerate the food.

Sealed containers prevent the food from unexpected moisture and bugs due to the tightening straps, thereby keeping them fresh for a much longer period of time relative to general storage methods.

Airtight Food Storage Bins With Lids, Dwellza Kitchen

People who want to make their kitchen look uniform understandably want containers that look the same. The Dwellza Kitchen Airtight Food Storage Containers with Lids really suits the bill with their clever and reliable look.

There are six wide containers in this collection, each one with a one-liter size.

Let’s see if there is…

Each container is made of plastic that is BPA-free and will not leak or affect the flavour of the food inside. This plastic is very robust as well and won’t warp or break. The plastic is also translucent, allowing people to see what is inside exactly.

You can comfortably hold both food and liquid in these tanks. The fluid inside won’t leak or spill, except though loaded to capacity. This makes the containers perfect for holding sauces, milk, and other liquids that at all times need to remain fresh.

The containers are easy to disinfect, as an added benefit. Only clean them with soap and water, and the next day, they’re good to use. These sturdy containers can in fact, be helpful for a long time to come.

To keep a lid on things…

The fact that the lid is really easy to open and shut is one of the best things about these containers. Sadly, this can indicate that over time, the seal weakens somewhat. This does not really impact the freshness of the material inside though.

If you want a sleek look in your kitchen cabinet, thanks to the trendy uniform style, the DW’LLZA KITCHEN Airtight Food Storage Containers will never disappoint you.

Six equivalent containers are available in the package and each one has a capacity of one litre. They are made from BPA-free plastic that never affects the flavour of the product. And as you load it to full, the top lid is easy to open and shut, meaning there there is no leak or spill.

The use of airtight containers will make it a lot easier for you to store coffee beans, spices, salt and sugar. They will keep the original flavour in this way and won’t be soggy because of the humidity in the air.

In addition due to the stackable nature, an airtight container can also be useful for storing food in a refrigerator with restricted space.

You won’t have to be afraid of the messy food inside your bag when carrying away with this sort of bottle. Not only does it retain the flavour, the food consistency, but because of the spilled food, it can also save you more time from washing or cleaning your bag and other items.

Main Functionalities

A set of 6 containers, all of the same size,

100% food-grade plastics that are BPA-free

Convenient system for airtight lid-lock

Can be cleaned in the dishwasher but recommended for handwashing

The Pros

Bringing an elegant look to your kitchen

Easy to make use of

It is super easy to clean up.

The rectangular shape saves space.


The seal weakens slightly over time.

Accessible in one size only

To some point, everyone uses airtight containers, mostly for storage and transport purposes. In general, these containers are lightweight, simple to transport, geometrically comfortable, and relatively robust and sturdy, of course. It is just half the fight to have a good storage alternative, though, since these containers must both be easy to use and relatively inexpensive by most standards.

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