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New Trends for Small Spaces – Opening Doors

With trends leaning toward small houses and tiny spaces, people are seeking ideas for storage, appliances, and ways of enjoying smaller spaces. Getting the most use of the space you occupy becomes essential when the square footage is getting much smaller. Incorporating shelving that can be used for multiple purposes, like built-in shelves that have fold-down doors that double as desk space or eating tables. Under-counter-appliances are essential, as well as utilization of the empty space near the ceiling. These are often over-looked spaces.

A wonderful consideration in smaller spaces is a Sliding Barn Style Doors for Home Interiors & Closets w/ Installation. Unless you are a skilled carpenter, you’ll want a professional installation of this door hardware. The hardware can be heavy and needs to be aligned perfectly so that the door is level and tracks correctly. These doors look amazing and allow you to utilize the space on either side of the doorway. You won’t have to have space lost for the door to swing into. Now you have room for more coveted shelving, wall hooks, book nooks, etc.

Having doors that slide and hug the wall allow you to have ladders, tables, and hanging plants or décor items in that bit of space that otherwise would not get utilized and be completely wasted. This is the worst possible thing to have happen when you are attempting to live in a very tiny space. Even if you aren’t living in a tiny space, the sliding barn doors look amazing and give a wonderfully finished look to a country, farmhouse theme. Aside from being cool, the doors also have great functionality. If you have small children, or pets, it allows you to close off part of the house very easily, by having doors between the living room and dining room.

Sliding doors used to be normal during times when it made more sense to seal off the room that you were in for heating purposes. During the cold weather season, the doors would keep you warm and toasty in the room where the family gathered. In the summer months, the doors and windows could be opened to allow for air circulation that was essential in keeping a home cool in the times before central air conditioning. Purchasing these doors isn’t difficult, they are readily available by companies that now specialize in making them. A simple internet search will yield several results. If you are crafty, the doors can be made from scratch or from using recycled, old doors.

Upcycling is also trendy and a great way to keep the world free of garbage. Using old materials that you might find in scrap yards, second hand shops, yard sales, and in buildings that are about to be torn down, can save you money and save the environment. Regardless of your choice in styles, and the size of the space you are living in and designing, doors that slide might be an excellent choice for you to do your house with. Choose the type that catch your eye and find yourself redecorating all the ‘found space’ that you now have.

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