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Best Tropical Decor using Bamboo Poles

Artificial Synthetic Bamboo Poles are the newest wall paneling or fencing product used to sleeve steel or concrete columns or electrical conduit. They are suitable for homes, seaside resorts, Tiki bars, theme zoos, or any other organization setup. They also have known as Faux Bamboo Poles, which match your tropical theme decor which can also cover the construction structures.

Durable or Not:

Synthetic Artificial Bamboo Poles are crack-resistant, fade-resistant, and bug-resistant as they are straight, not crooked, so they are mold resistant too. If using it in direct weather application, they are more durable than natural Bamboos. They will not crack year after year and are maintenance-free. Additionally, they have been treated with automotive sealer and UV stabilized paints with extra protective topcoats, making them resistant to weathering effects; this unique manufacturing method allows us to use it for a long time without any maintenance.

Benefits of Synthetic Artificial Bamboo Poles:

  • Fire Retardant:

Choosing safety is a choice of life. Faux Bamboo Poles are made up of class A fire-rated materials that can withstand fire for longer than any other classifications.

  • Fade Resistant:

Their Artificial Synthetic Bamboo Poles has proved that their color doesn’t fade with time in UV rays.

  • Rot and Bug Resistant:

They use high-grade materials, which are rot, bug, and insect resistant.

  • Reinforcement:

They also add an extra layer of protection from direct damage to the artificial synthetic bamboo poles, ensuring your paneling stays in the same shape at all times.


A perfect substitute for best decor can be easily submerged as they have the world’s most natural-looking synthetic artificial Bamboo Poles, which are fire-rated and UV-resistant. They are less costly than natural bamboo fences, making it easier to install a long-lasting alternative to natural bamboo poles.

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