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All About Refurbishing Blocked Drains

If you are having any kind of a drainage problem, it is best to call in a professional plumber before you end up with a major problem. They can safely reline your pipes, making them like new again. A professional plumber can use a small camera at the end of a line to find the blockage. All your lines can be inspected for any tiny leaks or breaks in the line and be fixed properly.

Drain problems can be hard to locate. If you try and find the problem yourself, you may be digging up your yard or pulling out pipes that are not the problem. Professional plumbers have the proper equipment and knowledge for unblocking pipes and drains and to fix any type of problem without creating a major mess or more problems.

Calling in a professional plumber that can reline your pipes without digging up any of your precious flowers, driveway or walkways would be the ideal situation. Professional plumbers can fix your broken or blocked pipes without digging up anything. They can use the German Keyhole technology on blocked and cracked drains and fix them permanently. To fix blockages or dislodgement in your drainage pipes they will use the robotic cutting method. If needed your drains can be replaced to solve your drainage problems.

Tree Roots May Be Your Problem

A very common problem in drain blockage is tree roots. Many residential homes have clay pipes that are joined by rubber joint rings. The rubber rings have a habit of breaking down in time and will cause leaks in your drains. Tree roots will tend to grow towards where there is a water source. The tree root will look for nutrition from your leaking pipe. 5 percent of the blockage in sewer lines is caused by tree root invasions. If your drain is leaking just a little, the tree root will attach to the pipe and start growing.

The tree root will grow enough and strong enough to break through your clay pipe. This will cause the blockage in your drainage. In many cases, the tree roots will overtake the clay pipe and cause them to collapse. New modern drainage pipes can be installed that will withstand the problems of tree roots attacking your pipes. Modern pipes will also make your yard more environmentally secure and will help to prevent the digging up of your yard, driveway or walkways. 

Grease Blockage Problems

Bleach is a useful disinfectant but it should never be poured down your drains. Bleach does nothing to help keep your drains cleared of debris, but it could harm the person using the bleach. Some people may have a chemical reaction when using bleach. Chlorine bleach can harm the eyes, injure your mucous membranes and skin. Chlorine bleach can cause high levels of vomiting, pneumonia and may even cause death in a high dosage. Plumbers know what to do in order to get the grease blockage out of your drains. Professional plumbers know that grease clogs, food waste or even hair are not dispersed properly by bleach.

Grease problems are common in the kitchen. Most people will let food fats and oils get down the kitchen drain. It is usually unavoidable when doing the dishes. This is how solid grease builds up in your drain. It will form a wall in your drains and block the drainage of water that needs to go down. In order to break down the build-up of oils and fats, your plumber will use an acid wash or a powerful blaster to break up the blockage. The powerful blaster is a high-powered jet stream that will break through all the debris. The acid wash is a penetrating strength of Sulphur acid base that will open up your drains.

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