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How can you decorate with blankets?

When it comes to interior decor, blankets are probably not among the first things that come to mind. We don’t think about blankets as decorative items, we see them as comforters that keep us warm at night or things to throw on to warm ourselves up. But blankets have quite a bit of decorative potential, especially with a bit of imagination and creativity. Even designers will tell you – blankets can be very chic decor accessories. All you have to do is find a nice blanket, which is both cozy and stylish, and figure out how to incorporate it into your design scheme. An Irish blanket made of merino wool became the go-to decor accessory in the last few years. With the variety of online stores that sell Irish blankets such as Keilys, the task is eased. We also have a few tips that might help you out.

Adding color & texture

Blankets are a great way to add some texture and color accents. Hanging a blanket from the back of a chair, on the arm of a sofa, or spread on the bed are classic options. Another option that you can consider is to lay the blanket along the edge of the bed. Don’t be afraid to play with colors a bit. Choose a brighter color for the blanket if the colors of the room are monotone to liven it up. Choose a pastel color if you want to tone down the color scheme of the room. This is a very effective and stylish way to add a nice color accent to the bedroom. You can do the same thing for the living room sofa, for example. If you have an old sofa, spreading a blanket on the sofa can do wonders. It will cover discoloration, scratches, and stains that don’t go away. Basically, it will give your sofa a new life.

Blanket materials

When you’re thinking about decorating with blankets, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of fabric you want to choose. Different fabrics communicate different things. A faux fur blanket can make a statement, a cotton blanket can be great for the summer, a quilted blanket can add an eccentric touch. A mink blanket is a great option for comfort and style. But nothing beats natural fibers, so if you are preoccupied with comfort style, but you’re also environmentally conscious, consider a wool blanket. Go for softer wool, for example, Irish merino wool, which is super soft, lightweight, and breathable. You can find a large selection of Irish wool blankets online. In terms of decoration, wool is a very stylish option for many types of spaces. For example, if the room features a lot of steel, wood, or leather, a wool blanket or two will create a warmer and cozier atmosphere. It is great for visually softening up the rough or sharp edges of steel, wood, or concrete. Together with leather and wood, wool can also create a more naturalistic effect. When it comes to outdoor spaces, you can also throw wool blankets over chairs to bring more warmth and create a more homey atmosphere.


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