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Different styles of wedding bouquets

Some days in everyone’s life are very special to them and nothing can simply beat its significance. One such day is a wedding day. It means a lot if you’re have got your soul mate and finally, you both have decided to spend your entire life together. After the date gets fixed, try to start planning for every major and minor thing. This is very important if you want to pursue ahead smoothly. To attain your dream wedding, you must be very specific about everything that is ranging from a wedding hall to the guest list, photography, your dresses, and as simple as the bride’s bouquet. Bride’s bouquet is very important when we talk about perfect photography, the elite look that every bride wants to have can be achieved by employing a sola wood flower wedding bouquet on your big day. The very next thing that you might be wondering about is your budget. You need not worry at all. They are simple and easy to make by yourself. All you need is practice and efforts to learn about how to make a wood flower wedding bouquet. These wood flowers that are made out of the wood of tapioca tree are easily accessible. You can even order them. Here, we will brief you about different styles of bouquets that you can try to make with sola wood flowers. Have a look.

  • Classic white

The classical white theme bouquet is simple yet most preferred because of the grace and elegance that it offers. You can simply try to make them or order them while following a few basic steps

  • Christmas spirit

As the name suggests, they are commonly used on Christmas eves but the beauty has promptly caused its usage at weddings also.

  • Tropical punch

As the name suggests, you can try the tropical punch to go on the way with your theme. This can be way too exciting if you love to innovate yourself

  • Rainbow roses

How rosewood flowers are made is the most questioned thing that people do. Rainbow roses can be versatile and outclass if you try to avail them. This can be way too suited if, your wedding rainbow theme with so many colors all around. This will give a jubilant look.

  • Bloom bling

This is amazing yet simplest among all the wedding bouquets. Most of the brides today are preferring these because of the grace that it offers. Now if you are wondering about where to buy a wood flower arrangement to make a bloom bling style wedding bouquet, you don’t need to worry. You can avail of it right here.

  • Stunning succulent

They are quite a different type of bouquet. People prefer stunning succulent wedding bouquet mostly on greenery-based themes.

  • Feather accents

They are perfect in giving a fairytale wedding look. This will make your day worth memorable.

  • Flower wreath

If you wonder how long do sola wood flowers last you are here at the flower wreath option. The wreath is suitable to keep your flowers stay safe and significant for years.


Sola wood flowers are amazing in their way. They are suitable for nearly every occasion but the way they highlight and brighten up weddings is the most amazing. Therefore, how to make a wood flower wedding bouquet is all that has been answered and you can try different styles within no time.

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