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Could Your HVAC System Be Making Your Home Dusty?

Dusting is one of those chores that everyone needs to do but doesn’t want to. The biggest complaint being that once you do it, the dust is only going to re-settle again in the same place. Where the heck is all of this dust coming from and why does it seemingly re-appear almost immediately after you clean and do chores?

Well, if you rely on HVAC system to regulate the temperature in your home, chances are that could be the source of all the dust you have coming in. You need to keep your home warm but you don’t want all that dust blown around your house.

So what’s the answer then? How can you run your HVAC system and avoid covering the interior of your home with a layer of particulate. The solution lies with your system’s filtration system and ductwork in the home. These can both be responsible for the excess levels of dust that you seem to be wiping up every week.

Ductwork Issues

The biggest issue here comes with improperly sealed ducts. When those are not fully sealed, air can get in and out and when you switch your system on, all of the dirty, dusty air gets pulled into the ducts and is then blown out through the vents all around the house.

That means the dust from outside is getting sucked in and distributed all around the house. So when you are dusting for the umpteenth time this month, now you know where it’s coming from. Obviously, this isn’t a condition you want to live with and solving the issue will require you to call an expert heating service and repair company to diagnose the problem.

Be sure you do bring a trained technician over to have a look at your ducts because attempting to make repairs of this sort by yourself will not get the job done and may actually make the situation worse. Why is that? Because the duct tape will eventually dry out from being exposed to a constant barrage of air flow and then it will come loose. The tape could even fly off and get sucked into one of the vents, causing an obstruction and preventing the air from flowing freely into the rooms of your home.

The only way you’re going to well and truly solve the problem is by having the ducts professionally sealed by someone who knows what they’re doing in fixing compromised ductwork.

Filter Issues

HVAC filters are an important component of the system so that it operates properly. But it’s also up to you to ensure that you’re purchasing a good quality filter. Saving a few bucks on the cheapo filters can have a detrimental effect on the air quality in the house. The filters play a significant role in keeping particulate and contaminants from getting blown around the interiors of your home.

So the next time you’re at your local hardware store to buy filters for your HVAC apparatus be sure you’re buying a good quality filter and, even more critical, make sure that it’s the correct size. When you have a clean, proper fitting filter in the system, you are ensuring that the system is running efficiently and effectively at all times.

If the filter lacks one or both of these things, then you are putting your air quality and the HVAC system itself at risk. Most HVAC technicians suggest you swap out the filter every three months. Dirty filters impede airflow, making it tougher for the system to work correctly and efficiently. Without good airflow, the system has to work harder and longer just to acclimate the temperature of the inside of the home. This is even more important to do if you live in a home with pets. Pet hair and dander will often get brought into the system when you switch it on and the filter is the last line of defense to ensure that you’re not blowing all of that stuff through every room of the house.

Bottom line – if you don’t want dust to get distributed throughout your home, you want to eliminate any potential sources that might contribute to that occurring on a routine basis.

You may also notice you’re getting more dust in the dry winter months than you do during the summer. You don’t need to live in a dusty home. If the HVAC system is causing you problems with respect to excessive dust, then you need to have the problem addressed immediately.



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