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If you are not part of an industrial, commercial or Construction Company, it is likely that you have never rented waste dumpsters and, maybe, you only do it once in a lifetime. This article has been written for people like you, who wonder what they should know before getting Trash Dumpster rental Service Cypress TX. Let’s see some tips that will help you make the best choice. We all know that solid waste management has become a real headache and should be planned in all companies, large and small, not just in the construction industry.

  1. Choose the correct size

All customers ask themselves this question. How big should a dumpster be? This question is more than relevant. The first thing you should do before renting a dumpster is to determine the size you will need. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to order the wrong size. For example, rent one size too large for the required purposes. Paying for a dumpster that will only be half full does not make sense.

Most rental companies offer a variety of sizes such as 12 Yard dumpsters Cypress TX:

  • The 7 m3 containers are good for small remodeling projects or medium cleaning tasks.
  • The 15 m3 containers are for medium-sized remodeling projects or for major cleanings.
  • The 22 m3 containers are usually used for more commercial purposes or for a new construction.
  1. What is the type of the garbage?

Another consideration is the type of waste you will generate. Many dumpster rental companies such as Affordable Dumpster Rental Cypress TX, do not allow mixing materials. For example, it is likely that gravel and filler cannot be combined with other materials. Also, depending on what you throw, weight can be a factor. The best way to determine the cost would be to consult the company regarding the exact nature of the materials that will be discarded.

  1. Know what you should not throw away

It is against the law to dispose of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste includes chemicals, oil filters, herbicides and pesticides, radioactive materials, solvents, paint (except latex paint cans that are completely dry, not liquid), other flammable liquids, partially filled aerosol cans, propane tanks, motor oil, lubricants, tires, batteries, medical waste, dead animals, among other materials.

  1. Do not make a single stop Compare prices!

Renting a dumpster can be a big expense and prices can vary greatly from one supplier to another. Therefore, research and obtain at least two quotes from container rental companies. Also, ask for added costs so you can have a real comparison. You can book trash dumpster in Cypress TX on cheap prices.

  1. Determine the rental period required

Another consideration is the length of the rent that must be estimated. This will affect the final price. It is preferable to keep the dumpster as long as the work is progressing, since it is often at the end of the job that the total amount of the waste is known. Do not get caught off guard and plan some extension of time.

Life is complicated, so simplify it

Here are five basic tips that you should take into account when renting a waste container. Surely there is much more to learn, but unless you rent dumpsters regularly (if you do, you already know everything you need) this guide should work perfectly.

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