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The new iteration of the current Karcher K4 model is the Maximum Power electric pressure washer, but with new technology and a pretty cool modern style in a yellow housing. The pressure washer is fully installed so that you can start using it out of the box straight away. As for the accessories available, a trigger pistol, Vario Power and Dirtblaster lances are included in the package. The full control trigger gun is compatible with all Karcher’s pressure washer accessories; you can use them fearlessly if you have any.

With respect to the lances, each one is intended for various cleaning purposes. For regular cleaning activities, washing your vehicle, tools, and other appliances, it is advised to use Vario Control. The Dirtblaster lance offers 50 percent more pressure if you need to do some hard cleaning and removes highly sticky stains from firm surfaces such as a fence, concrete or sidewalk. Do not want to use it for cleaning soft materials or car washing, as the jet stream is so strong that it can quickly destroy lacquered surfaces.

The pressure washer comes with a high-pressure 6-m hose built on either side with quick-connectors so you can mount the hose from any end you want. In addition, if you wish to attach a garden hose to the pressure washer, it features a fine mesh philtre and an A3/4 adapter. All in all, this model will help you reduce the time for cleaning and have results that are easy and reliable. This washer is designed for fatigue-free washing and removal of detergent with one sweep using an ergonomic handle and the Plug ‘n’ Clean Detergent system.


Undoubtedly, the best model on our shortlist is the K4 Maximum Power pressure washer. This system generates a pressure water jet of about 130 bar at 420 l / h with an 1800 Watt motor on board. Thus, in combination with the included accessories, this highly efficient model will help you obtain the best cleaning performance. What’s also significant, in contrast to those air-cooled versions, the K4 is fitted with a solid water-cooled induction motor that is far more robust. The engine is secured from overheating and therefore guarantees long-term service. So, you should certainly go for the Karcher K4 Maximum Regulation pressure washer if you are looking for quality equipment that will never disappoint you.

The perfect settings for any kind of washing are what this pressure washer gives its users. The model given comes packed with an excellent full control trigger gun with an LED panel. Only imagine, by rotating the lance, you can adjust the desired pressure in line with the surfaces or texture you are cleaning and see these settings on the screen. It means you can never pick the wrong environment and will not unintentionally damage a board. However, what you’ll feel is optimum cleanliness. Finally, for easy storage of the unit, the pressure washer is equipped with special holders for lances and a trigger gun, and a cable hook.

The K4 Maximum Regulation is the best selling pressure washer for residential use, to sum it up. You will use it as well as fragile lacquered surfaces for washing wooden fences, patios, and concrete. All in all, this pressure washer is not only high-performance, but it will also become an irreplaceable appliance for both light and hard cleaning jobs in your home.


One does not think about a system that is usually very technical when dreaming about a pressure washer. After all, most pressure washers do not even have a wide range of settings that need modification, which ensures that they are normally pretty quick to use machines. Knowing how to successfully run one, though, is a separate matter. Pressure washing can be much more than simply pointing the tip and pushing a button at a wall. Knowing the complexities of pressure washing will make a big difference on how effective a system is going to be in cleaning those surfaces, making their use a little less easy than many people realise.

By having a system that is very convenient to use, the Bosch EasyAquatak Pressure Washer helps make the pressure washing process as straightforward as possible, helping you to focus on the complexities of pressure washing rather than on running the device. With this household gadget, you can quickly vacuum the dust from walls, garden furniture, laundry routes, terraces and gazebos. This lightweight, portable unit can be operated with only one hand and needs no installation, making it as easy to use and incredibly easy to control as possible.


Many pressure washers do not make it convenient by offering the bare minimum in some places for washing. However, this pressure washer simplifies the task of washing hard-to – reach surfaces considerably. The 360 ° nozzle can be mounted at any angle and will effectively clean the most inaccessible areas that would fail with other pressure washers, allowing you to clean them without having to angle the lance without any unnecessary hassle. However, just be careful with the nozzle, as some users complain that it does not fit correctly on the lance, but as long as you keep it clean and in good shape, it should fit perfectly.

This pressure washer is surprisingly efficient thanks to the 1500 W engine, considering its smaller size and lightweight nature. The carrying handle on top of the device makes it easy to travel from one region to another, so if you decide to move it, you won’t have to think about struggling with the unit. In the water stream, the high-pressure detergent nozzle also contains soap, so you won’t have to mess with individually applying soap, saving you a lot of time in the washing process. This model is the one to buy for those who want a lightweight but strong pressure washer that’s easy to use.

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