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What Are The Advantages Of Carpet Stretching?

If you have an older carpet, you may have started to notice a few frustrating things about your once-perfect rug. For one thing, cleaning your carpet might have become a challenge in recent years. No matter how often you vacuum, sweep, or even take your rug into Green Dog Chem-Dry carpet cleaning, your rug remains sad-looking and flat. If you’re dealing with this problem, you might want to consider carpet stretching. While you might not imagine that stretching your carpet could do wonders for the actual cleanliness of your rug, you’d be surprised. If you want to give your carpet a new lease on life, here are a few reasons to consider carpet stretching.

Your Carpet Will Last Longer

Many homeowners are unaware of the fact that a carpet can last years longer after one carpet stretching treatment. While the best way to keep your rug going for years is to keep it clean and limit sun exposure, one of the best ways to make sure your rug doesn’t fall prey to warping, bumps, and other life-limiting issues is to take the time to re-stretch once you see the edges of your carpet starting to gather or find ridges forming in the center.

It Won’t Warp

Your rug should last a good 20 years if not more with the proper maintenance. However, warping does tend to happen when your rug starts to lose its elasticity over time. Stretching allows your rug to retain its original shape rather than becoming increasingly distorted over time. The process is fairly quick, especially if you retain a professional service to do it. There are also plenty of tools you can rent from your local hardware store if you’d prefer a DIY job.

It Will Be Easier To Clean

Stretching your carpet won’t just get rid of bumps and warping. It will actually make hard-to-clean stains much easier to deal with. If you’ve ever tried to clean an area that isn’t laying completely flat on the ground, you’ll know how much of a struggle it is. Rather than having to deal with this, you’ll be able to easily vacuum and spot-treat your carpet after stretching without spending tons of time just trying to get at a hard-to-reach area. Plus, if your carpet is warped or misshapen, bacteria may have an easier time sinking into the fibers and making a home in your rug’s base, which is a surefire way to create the perfect home for mold and mildew. If you’re serious about maintaining your carpet’s health and longevity, you won’t let it get this far.

It Will Save You Money

You might think that carpet stretching presents an unnecessary expense. But think about paying the cost of a brand new rug every 10 years instead of 20. You’ll find that in the long run, it’s far cheaper to simply pay the cost to properly clean, treat, and stretch your carpet instead of giving up and opting for a brand new rug when the old one starts to look less than perfect. New rugs aren’t cheap, and if you really want to treat your rug as an investment, you’ll spend the necessary funds to keep it well maintained.

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