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Choosing your Berber carpet

Bringing warmth or character to an interior can seem complicated when the world of decoration is not necessarily familiar to us. However, a single well-chosen piece can change everything. So, why not acquire a Berber carpet.

Why Choose A Berber Carpet?

A Berber carpet is not a carpet like any other. It carries a history and a strong symbolism that testify to the beauty of Berber craftsmanship. When it is authentic the Berber carpet gathers many advantages.

  • Berber carpets are jewels that can last over time. 20, 30 or more than 40 years, treated with care the Berber carpet can be transmitted from generation to generation as the tradition demands.
  • Its manufacture in natural wool brings it a resistance to moisture, to dust and to the smell. In addition to being a noble material, wool is an excellent sound and heat insulator.
  • Choosing a Berber carpet allows to perpetuate an ancestral art and to allow a rural population to live from their knowledge.
  • The aesthetics of these carpets invoke sobriety, modernity but also gaiety and warmth.

But how to choose a Berber carpet?

A quality Moroccan Rugs is a natural fiber carpet with a significant thickness and careful finishing, respecting the customs and members of the Berber community.

It is obviously important to choose the style of your Berber carpet according to the harmony of your interior but for us it is above all to make a choice of heart!

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