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Tips on Keeping Smoked Glass Screens Free of Dirt and Grime    


The bathroom is one of the hardest areas in the house to clean. Not only do you have to contend with dirt, but there is also the aspect of mould developing. Mould in habits moist and wet places, and what better place to multiply than in the bathroom. If you have a glass shower door, it is another thing to clean, as it can accumulate water and soap smudges, dirt and grime because of everyday use. Here’s how to keep your smoked glass always clean and mould-free.

Old newspaper

Don’t throw away those old newspapers just yet; you can still use them for cleaning the glass in your bathroom, or any mirror in the house for that matter. Crumple them into fist-sized balls and wet them. Wipe vigorously, removing stains along the way. Follow up with dry newspaper or a dry cloth. Newspapers work like cloth, as they are not abrasive but still get the job done.

Baking soda and vinegar 

Vinegar is an acid, so it’s perfect for removing hard water stains. Make a spray of baking soda and vinegar and wipe down with a cloth. It is instrumental in getting rid of grime. Equal parts baking soda and vinegar should do the trick. If there are hardened water and soap stains, you can let the mixture stay on the glass for an hour to make sure that it gets rid of the stains and it will be easier to wipe clean.

Bleach and ammonia-based cleaning agents 

Smoked glass wet room screens have small ridges, and they are a perfect breeding ground for mould and bacteria. Using bleach and ammonia-based cleaning agents will kill them off. Use a soft-bristled brush to reach the tiny ridges and rinse with water afterwards. When handling chemical cleaners, make sure that you protect your hands by using rubber gloves. It will keep your hands from going dry because of the ingredients in the cleaning agents.

Old toothbrush 

When cleaning the corners of your glass shower door where the hinges and the frame are, you can use an old toothbrush to reach the slits on the metal frame. These nooks and corners are where mould usually develops, so you need to take care of these corners if you do not want any grime and mildew to accumulate. Neglecting these parts of your shower door will result in too much filth that can harden and become a lot harder to remove. If the grime has set, it will affect how the hinges work. They may even get stuck until you get rid of the dirt.

One good thing about keeping the smoked glass clean is that you don’t have to use any special cleaning materials to keep it in good condition and retain its texture. Cleaning materials for smoked glass are cheap, so there is no reason not to clean it frequently. A simple wipe-down every time you go out of the shower will prevent any accumulation or mould growing on the corners of the glass.

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