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Make Your Bathroom Feel Larger in 10 Simple Steps

Renovating a bathroom can be a stressful process, particularly if the one you are working with is rather small. In this article however, we are going to explore the various ways in which you can not only save space and improve the functionality of your bathroom, but also make it appear larger. 1: Know your Limitations

First things first it is very important that you know exactly how much space you have to work with, particularly if you are going to do the majority of your shopping online. This way you can draw up a clear and accurate plan of what is going to go where, saving you a great deal of faffing about in the long run. 2: Brighten things up a bit Always opt for brighter colours if you are striving to make any room feel bigger. Soft tones such as white, light blues and greens are among the most effective. You can get away with using darker colours for the flooring, though when it comes to the walls you must keep it nice and bright and especially reflective. 3: Optimised Lighting If you are lucky enough to have a good sized window in your bathroom you will already get a great deal of natural light throughout the day – this helps significantly towards making a room feel more open and spacious. For those of you who don’t, you’ll have to incorporate some intelligent, optimised lighting. There is a wealth of interesting lightbulbs with varying strength and brightness on the market for you to explore! 4: Reflections Mirrors are very effective at making a space feel larger. It would be wise to invest in a large wall-mounted mirror to help open your space up a bit. Many people like having mirrored wall cabinets, which allows for extra storage, though they often aren’t very big as they’re designed to hang above the bathroom sink. In this case it may be worth having a large mounted mirror on the opposite wall as well, if at all possible. 5: Larger Tiled Flooring This is an important one, as having loads of small tiles on the floor can make it feel incredibly cluttered; particularly when dirt and mould begins to form between the gaps. If you opt for larger tiles it will work very well with making the room feel more spacious. 6: Shower or Bath? Unfortunately we can’t always have what we want and when renovating a smaller space it is vital that you are a little ruthless when it comes to deciding what makes the cut and what has to go. Unless something is absolutely vital, then get rid of it. For example, do you actually need a standalone shower cubicle AND a bath? Combining the two will save you an awful lot of space, but make sure you go for a clear glass shower-screen as opposed to a curtain. Shower curtains are not only a nuisance when they stick to you, but they also make the room feel tighter. 7: Raised Storage There are a large variety of wall mounted vanity units available on the market, and hanging shelves is also a great way to save space as well. By doing so you can clear up much of the space in your bathroom, keeping all of your essentials tucked away and easily accessible. A de-cluttered bathroom feels infinitely larger than one with things scattered around everywhere. 8: Stone top Basin Vanity Units Rather than having a standalone sink, why not opt for a stone top basin vanity unit? This way you can utilise the space under the sink and keep many of your essentials tucked out of the way. 9: Hooks and rails on the door By hanging hooks and rails on the back of the door you can keep your towels and clothing up and out of the way, leaving space on the floor and thus making the bathroom feel less cluttered.

10: Expand the Ceiling Making your bathroom appear larger is all about creating the illusion of having more space. You can do this with your ceiling, by painting a lattice or moulding design around the edge. That or you can even paint stars or clouds to open it up a little bit. The most important thing is to be creative and have fun with the process. Take your time and get it right!

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