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Why do carpet stains and odors keep coming back?

How to fix them?

It can be very frustrating to find that your carpets have a bad odor coming from them even after being cleaned properly. Having the carpets at home or offices is beneficial in several ways, but keeping them clean and odor free can be very challenging and needs to be taken care of. Sometimes you find that the bad odor is not gone even when you have got the carpet cleaned. Wondering why does that happen? And how to prevent them in the future? Read on to know the answers.

  • The leftover soapy residue after the carpet cleaning process

When the carpet is cleaned, a good amount of soapy chemical is used for cleaning the stains on the carpet. It contains a good amount of soap in it, and it requires the proper rinsing of the carpet to get rid of the soap. However, space is less in the house, and water pressure is not as much as required, that leaves the soap inside the carpet, and it acts as a stain magnet.

  • Excess moisture causing carpet wicking

Now, when you are cleaning the carpet, the stains, if they are not removed properly, they start settling down on the lower layer of the carpet and the moisture left behind after cleaning the carpet. This causes the stains to reappear on the surface of the carpet along with the moisture.

  • Pet odor

One reason behind the bad whiff coming from your carpet is the pet urine. If they urinate on the surface, the urine travels all the way down to the backing and padding of the carpet, settling there. You clean the surface of the carpet, not knowing that the real culprit is down there. When the moisture dries, the bacteria of the urine start giving smell, and since there is nothing on the surface, you have no idea where the smell is coming from.

The solution to all these problems

These problems occur because of the non-professional way used for carpet cleaning; the Fort Worth carpet cleaning that uses the professionally trained staff, high-pressure water equipment, and the best kind of cleaning agents is the solution to all these problems. Because the professionals know how to deal with all these things, they will give you the best and odorless carpets.

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